Letter to the Editor: Driving around Pelham

I haven’t had many issues driving around Pelham because I have been avoiding the whole area like the plague.

I will say that the couple of times I’ve driven through town have been down right dangerous on my motorcycle. The gravel is deep, loose and full of pot holes. Where the gravel meets the asphalt is not much better as I have had my front wheel stop while trying to get back on the asphalt causing me to almost crash because of the height difference. I have a lot of years riding and this area makes me scared for new riders who might not have the experience that I have.

Fenwick isn’t much better, either. I made the mistake of trying to go north using Cream and Balfour streets and they both are all covered in gravel with no signs indicating this change in surface. Not to mention the huge mess Canboro is in for something so trivial as gas lights. I would be curious as to who would be at fault if was to crash because of these road conditions.

I really feel bad for all the businesses who are just trying to keep their heads above water and all this roadwork is keeping people like me away.

David Gillies, Pelham

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