Grandview Farms holding horse show on Oct. 4

Riders of all ages are invited to attend as participants or spectators on this day.

Horseback riding is a sport enjoyed by people of every stage in their life and Grand view Farms is particularly geared towards teaching and providing a safe and fun environment for children of all ages. For the last 26 years Grandview has hosted horse camps throughout the year. It is a wonderful program that not only lets the children have a fun and exciting summer, but also teaches them about the love of horses, horsemanship, riding skills, horse care skills, safety skills, stable management and gives them the chance to meet and make new friends.

Throughout the years they’ve had children as young as four riding, and currently have adults riding as part of the Grandview Equestrian Team. They compete at local shows throughout the Niagara Region in the Niagara Cup Series as well and the Central West Trillium Circuit that has horse shows over two hours away.

They pride ourselves in the utmost best kept facilities and care of our horses and it shows into the ring with our students winning many championships year after year. At this time they are proud to be able to host their own in house show and invite all those that have hosted our students over the years to our facility on Oct. 4.

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