Larry Frost modifies Ward 2 bid

Ward 2 candidate Larry Frost has not hit the campaign trail for a reason.
He is recovering from bypass surgery after his second heart attack on Sept. 1.
The 59-year-old father of two, said in a news release, he rejected suggestions he withdraw from the campaign and wait for the next election.
“Of course I considered it, but I’m not a quitter”
 He is committed to his town, even if it means a shortened campaign.
 “I have to focus on the health task ahead, but I truly wanted to stay in the race.” 
Frost is in a crowded Ward 2 contest with incumbents Gary Accursi  and Catherine King along with newcomers Justin O’Donnell and Andrew Robertson. 
Two town council seats are up for grabs in Ward 2 on Election Day, Monday Oct. 27.
While it doesn’t break any election rules, Frost said the two incumbents do not live in the ward.
The people chosen to make decisions for residents of the ward should actually live in the ward, and therefore live with those decisions, he said in his release.
Frost has a background in operations management and large scale insurance claims.
“I can read a spreadsheet,” he said about dealing with budgets as big as Pelham’s budget.
Frost has volunteered with the Pelham Minor Hockey Association for 15 years. He is a former Lions Club member and served as a school council volunteer.
Frost said he wants to see the town offer young people the recreation opportunities they need but not put the town in financial risk.
Other issues are: council flip-flops on big issues such as the recreation centre; increasing tax bills; and the number of in-camera meetings by town council.
He said he supports giving the Ontario Ombudsman powers over municipalities so citizens have a venue to look into concerns such as the number of in-camera sessions in Pelham.
Instead of going door to door, he said he invites Ward 2 voters to stop by Keith’s Restaurant on Sunday, Oct. 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. to discuss the issues.
To reach Frost, email him at [email protected].

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