Pelham stands pat in election

It wasn’t time for a change in Pelham.
Voters re-elected Mayor Dave Augustyn, five of six councillors and regional councillor Brian Baty in Monday’s civic election.
Augustyn, who took 53.6% of the vote, said he was nervous before the results were announced.
“I feel great” he said after the finals were posted in the Pelham council chambers.
“I am so appreciative of the support we received.”
The mayor said the town has a lot of projects reaching key stages so it is good to have the same team to carry them through.
Augustyn won at all the polling stations except one in North Pelham. He had 3,256 votes ahead of Zachary Junkin with 1,834 and Mark Bay, 986.
The newcomer to council is Marvin Junkin in Ward 1. He edged out incumbent Jim Lane by almost 200 votes to join Richard Rybiak, who topped the poll in Ward 1.
In Ward 2, Catherine King and Gary Accursi out distanced three challengers, Larry Frost, Andrew Robertson and Justin O’Donnell.
In Ward 3, council’s senior members Peter Papp and John Durley held off challengers Bill Heska and Wally Baun to win their fourth election.
As mayor, Augustyn sits on Niagara regional council.
“I work well with Brian we have a good partnership,” he said. “We are strong advocates for Pelham and for the entire region.”
Baty following an energetic contest with Anthony Annunziata and Jim Inman won every Pelham poll to keep his regional seat.
“It was a fair election campaign and it is nice to receive the endorsement. I will remain a strong voice for Pelham.
Rybiak, the first councillor to be re-elected Monday, said he was “very happy and relieved to have most of the same council and mayor, we have a lot ahead of us.”
King, who topped the Ward 2 poll with 1,065 votes, said she was “so excited and so proud” of what the voters did.
By returning most of council they will allow the team to work together take some major steps.
Accursi said he was grateful for the support and “will endeavor to do all I can to move forward toward the Pelham we envision.”
The town, he said, is at a critical stage in its development.
He congratulated everyone who ran and hopes those who did not win will volunteer to serve on town committees.
Ward 3 partners Durley and Papp said they were pleased and thankful for the support.
Durley said “we will keep the ball rolling” as they work through an important time in planning.
“We will improve what needs to be improved and what is good we will make better.”
Papp said he was delighted that the people continue to have trust in what they are doing.
“As we have in the past we will continue to provide responsible, accountable and respectful service,” he said. 
“We have a lot to see through in the next couple of years.”
Town clerk Nancy Bozzato said voting went smoothly on Monday.
“I had an excellent staff and team of volunteers.”
The voter turnout of 43.93% was a little lower than in previous elections, she said.
Among projects facing the new town council are commercial and residential development in East Fonthill, a new multi-use community centre, completion of construction projects in downtown Fenwick and in Fonthill, and, planning for residential development in eastern Fenwick.  
The re-elected councillors said feedback they received going door-to-door during the election campaign will contribute to the future planning of council.
The term for the new council will begin on Monday, Dec. 1.


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