Fonthill Woman Wins Car in Tim Hortons Contest

A trip to Mexico became doubly exciting last month when Fonthill resident Anna Havlin won a 2015 Toyota Camry XSE with her purchase of a tea in the Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win® contest. Havlin was headed down south to connect with her sister when she decided to grab a chocolate milk for her kids.


“I got in the first line, but it was packed, and I didn’t think I’d have time to get back for boarding,” she said. “But then I noticed the shorter ‘drinks only’ line, and jumped into it.”


That would turn out to be the right move for Anna. “We were just getting ready to board the plane when I realized what had happened. I turned to my husband and said ‘look, we won the Camry’. He didn’t believe me at first!” she said.


From there, the winning cup went safely into Havlin’s purse and eventually made its way into the resort safe, where it spent the week causing a little bit of anxiety and a great deal of excitement. It took another week upon returning home for Tim Hortons to confirm the prize, at which point Havlin stressed the importance of receiving the car through her local Tims.


“It’s a small town and I just thought this was the perfect place to make it happen!”


The timing could not have been better. Anna and her family had just begun wondering what to do with their old car. “We had started to discuss trading or selling,” she said. And while a new car does not solve the dilemma of dealing with the old one, having ‘too many cars’ isnot the worst problem in the world, especially if one of them is a shiny new Camry.

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