Glynn A. Green Celebrates Education Week

Last Monday marked the beginning of Education Week for students at Glynn A. Green School in Fonthill. The week began with Track and Field Day on Monday, which saw the playground packed with students competing in a number of athletic competitions. Wednesday was Spelling Day; the intermediate division kids got to go see the Musical put on by E.L Crossley, while the younger kids took part in spelling bees of their own. Throughout the week, students also wrote some short pieces outlining the best things about their school, and on Friday the winners from each age group were allowed to be in charge for the day, acting as Principal, Vice-Principal, and Secretary. Featured here are the winning selections from each age group.

Glynn A Green is awesome because all of the staff and students make me feel like family. We have the best fun fair with bouncers, games and most schools don’t have that. We have fun spirit days and contests like this one. Also we have the best library in the world! It has chromebooks and everything. It is awesome. We have gardens with really nice rocks and flowers. It’s something most schools don’t have. We can count on our teachers to make every class really fun. That’s why we have the best school in the world!!

Luca (Primary Winner), Gr. 3 Mr. Haining

I’ve been going to Glynn A Green since Junior Kindergarten. I have seen many different teachers and principals come and go. Mr. Giancarlo, then Mr. Bright and now our wonderful principal Mrs. Mussari. The staff and teachers here are always wonderful! They will greet you kindly once you get to school. They make school fun for us by coaching sports and organizing clubs. I never want to leave this school because everyone is so nice, staff and students. I also like this school because the staff and students have all worked so hard to make projects like the outdoor classroom and learning commons possible.

Hailey (Junior Winner), Gr. 5   Mr Baldwin


Glynn.A.Green is a fun and safe place to be in, with lots of fun sports and clubs to join and be apart of. There are many different clubs for all kinds of interests whether it’s creative writing, Arts and Crafts or active sports and games.

Teachers are a big part of our school life. They are always supportive, nice and caring towards the students in the school. Our teachers have unlimited and varied talents to help with all of the activities that take place here at Glynn A Green.. All of them make sure that the students here have a great time and look forward to the wonderful days to come. They all make us feel very welcomed and safe here at Glynn A Green.

During class, the teachers take their jobs very seriously and make sure we are learning something new everyday, using new methods and technology, and that we understand everything that we learn before we move on to a different subject.


-Bethany, Emma, Hannah K., and Hailey  (Intermediate Winners)

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