Pelham to Spend $200,000 on Public Art Signage

The Town of Pelham has set aside $200,000 for ‘public art signage east of Fonthill lands’, according to a presentation of the Capital Budget made by Treasurer Cari Pupo in January. The large sum of money has left a number of residents confused and upset.

The expenditure is reminiscent of the sign built last year by the City of Toronto for the PanAm games. That enormous, three dimensional ‘interactive’ sign measured ten feet tall and was over sixty feet long. It cost $60,000 to make, and an additional $30,000 to transport and set up, for a total of $90,000. The dimensions of the Pelham sign are not currently known.

In December of last year, Fort Erie encouraged feedback from residents on two signs to be placed along the QEW that would let drivers know they were in the town. Those signs combined would cost that Town $200,000 if approved by Council.

Pelham will likely receive an enthusiastic response from bidders on the project.

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