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  1.  Answers must be submitted to [email protected] by the deadline specified in each Puzzler announcement. In the event that multiple correct answers are received at exactly the same time, one will be drawn at random and declared the winner.
  2.  Winners must reside in the Niagara Region.
  3.  In order to receive his or her prize, the winner must (a) explain the process used to deduce the answer (i.e., demonstrable skill is required and random correct answers not acceptable; the Puzzler is not a lottery), and (b) agree that his or her name, photo, and village/municipality may be published by the Voice in print and online to promote the Puzzler and the newspaper.
  4. Puzzler prizes are awarded as-is, and no warranty, guarantee, or promise of fitness-of-purpose of any kind is included. Fulfillment of prizes is solely the responsibility of the respective prize giver. Puzzler prizes have no independent cash value.

Thank you and good luck, Puzzlers!



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