BREAKING: Bovine reprieve












Town says cows can stay

On Thursday, the Town withdrew a Compliance Notice delivered last month to Pelham Resident Ivan Fredette, ordering him to remove two cows from his farm. The town by-law officer told Fredette that the pair of animals, Ginger and T-Bone, could remain on the property until further notice, and that the issue was “in the politicians’ hands now.”
In late June, Fredette had received the notice claiming he was in violation of zoning by-law 1136 (1987) which limits the ownership of livestock to properties of 25 acres or more. Mr. Fredette currently houses the two cows and some chickens on his 10 acre property on Moyer Street in Fenwick.
A petition circulated by Fredette and coverage of the issue in the Voice generated a great deal of interest among residents, many of whom were surprised to learn of the by-law’s existence. If enforced as legislated, the by-law would force a number of small farms in the municipality to give up their livestock.





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