Pancake Lane speeding solution: Where is the Town?

For more than 20 years we have called Fonthill our home.

For 15 of the past 20 years we have agonized over the speed of traffic and the absolute lack of speed limit enforcement in the Town of Pelham.

Over the past 15 years, in our little corner of Pelham, we have petitioned the town, we have begged law enforcement and I have served on the now defunct Community Policing Committee, trying to get some kind of effective action on speed control along the western section of Pancake Lane.

We have watched as this town has dithered for years, doing “traffic studies,” painting useless lines and, once or twice, erecting a mobile speed radar to make drivers aware of their speed.  None of which has had any effect slowing traffic along this stretch of road.

We have asked for a stop sign to be erected at the foot of either Blackwood or Cherry.  We have asked that “speed humps” be installed in a similar fashion to those installed along Haist, between A.K. Wigg Public School and Welland Rd.  We have requested increased enforcement.

We were given none of these things.

We were told that according to engineering principles of traffic control, a stop sign is not warranted.

We were told that speed humps are not warranted.

All this time, as we have watched nothing happen except increased speeding along Pancake Lane, the Town has installed two absolutely useless crossing signals on Pelham St.

The one at the intersection of Pancake Lane and Pelham St. is the biggest waste of taxpayer money that I have seen.  I have not witnessed a single pedestrian using this traffic light since its installation.  That is not to say it has not been used, but as a resident of Pancake Lane, you would think that I would have had occasion to witness someone using this signal.

Now the Town has decided that the safety of residents on the northern section of Haist St. is important enough to install the absolutely mind-boggling chicane. This is to control speed along a section of road roughly half the length of the western section of Pancake Lane.

I cannot understand why this ridiculous traffic control device was approved and installed when Pancake Lane remains a speedway and an accident waiting to happen.

Pancake Lane is a popular pedestrian and cycling route.

I see leisure walkers out for a stroll, fitness enthusiasts out for a run, cyclists, folks walking dogs, parents pushing strollers and kids walking to and from school on the shoulder of this road while cars fly by at dangerously high speeds.

Haist St. has sidewalks, on both sides.

We have seen the City of Thorold erect stop signs along Cataract Rd. as a method of controlling speed along that particular roadway.

If the City of Thorold can erect stop signs at intersections of dead ends and Cataract Rd., why can’t the Town of Pelham put aside so-called engineering principles and help the residents of this town feel safe walking along Pancake Lane?

D. Wynia


Wishes for a free-speech New Year

What to hope for in 2017: Rising above all others is the hope that in our deliberations to find meaning in life and to the belief systems that anchor us and give us purpose, we need not fear the disagreements to our answers. Many universities and other educational institutions evidence otherwise. In light of all the post-truth euphoria, pray we are not headed for a post-freedom of speech society.

Janet Gritter


Minister’s NPCA self-audit decision irresponsible

As a resident of Pelham, and also a member of its Town Council, I am outraged that Ontario’s Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Kathryn McGarry, has shunned her government’s responsibility in overseeing a branch of the provincial government, namely the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, and that she has assured the public that this group is capable of doing an honest self-audit.

Such hogwash.

Did she not read the allegations?

Did she not read the resolutions from the vast majority, if not all, of the involved municipal governments, of which our town was one, asking—nay, demanding—that the provincial government do its duty and ensure that a branch of its government is conducting itself in an honourable way, that it is following its own regulations in regards to such simple things as the tendering of bids and conflict of interest protocols?

Shame on McGarry and her provincial cohorts for trying to shun their responsibilities.

I can only hope that McGarry reconsiders her flawed decision, and does the right thing for the taxpayers of this province They most certainly deserve better.

Marv Junkin

Councillor, Town of Pelham

Growls of thanks from Fenwick Lions

The Fabulous Fenwick Lions Club would like to thank the residents of Fenwick and surrounding area for their support of our Santa Claus Parade this past December 10, making it even better than 2015.

I would also like to thank the following for their support: Our Santa Claus Parade Committee, and our Chairperson Lion Trevor Philbrick, for their hard work; the participants in the parade; the area merchants for their monetary donations or service donations; the Town of Pelham; our fellow Fenwick Lions and Lionesses; Bethany Christian Reformed Church for use of their parking lot and hall; Mark Temple for providing music at the park; last but not least Santa himself for taking the time from his very busy schedule to attend the parade and to talk to our children about their Christmas wish- list after the parade back at Centennial Park.

While all the children were waiting to talk to Santa, gallons of hot chocolate, cider, coffee, chili and many hot dogs were served by the Fenwick Lions and Lionesses.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Jeff Pickup

President-Fabulous Fenwick Lions Club


Obliteration of name also obliterates history

I believe that education is the foundation of our existence. One of the most important stages of our growing up is what we are taught by our parents and teachers.

They provide direction to who we become in life.

We learn values and how to treat others with respect and empathy through education. I applaud the insight and vision for the future that the Minister of Education, Ms.Mitzie Hunter, has defined by setting a course in Ontario on December 9, 2016 to promote student success and well being.

I think a quote by author George Orwell captures the importance of a solid historical foundation in each person’s life. He said, “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

To change the name of a school that so many generations attended and will continue to attend, for no valid reason, is a crime against their history and memories of growing up. The children who attended, their siblings and families are all affected by the unacceptable decision to rename E.W. Farr Memorial School.

P. Bryant


Emily Rose event a success due to generosity and kindness

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous businesses, friends, clients, colleagues, volunteers, family members, newspapers, and random people that helped make this dream a reality. What started out as a simple thought a few weeks ago has turned into this epic event and we are all very honoured to have been a part of it. Thank you to both the Town of Pelham and City of Welland for jumping on board this benefit hockey game and to both mayors who, without hesitation, stepped up to be part of it.

Also to the numerous people who, just because they saw the benefit advertised, decided they wanted to help celebrate the life of Emily Rose Brettell and ensure her legacy. With all the money raised from this benefit hockey game, a new boat will be purchased and named after Emily. Also scholarships will be set up at her high school, E.L. Crossley Secondary School.

A huge thank you to both hockey teams, Team Welland and Team Crossley, for stepping up for the charity hockey game. And to our officials and announcers who graciously donated their talents.

We hope everyone who was able to attend this event and participate will remember it for a long time and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your generosity.

Dominic and Cristina Aiello

Debbie and Gary Pine


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