Oosterhoff beats Quirk

MPP Sam Oosterhoff has beaten back a challenge by Niagara Regional Councillor Tony Quirk for the Progressive-Conservative nomination to represent the new riding of Niagara West in the coming 2018 provincial election.

Oosterhoff, elected at 19, is the youngest MPP at Queen’s Park. His social conservative credentials have won him a dedicated following among far-right party members, who turned out en masse for tonight’s election in Lincoln.

In a news release, PC Leader Patrick Brown stated, “Since his by-election victory in November, Sam Oosterhoff has been a strong voice for his community at Queen’s Park. He has been a tireless advocate for the redevelopment of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, and has stood up against the arbitrary closure of three West Niagara high schools and the wind turbine projects being forced on his community.  Tonight, his hard work on behalf of his constituents paid off. “


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