UPDATED: Pelham plow sideways in ditch, oil leak being contained

Cream Street between Chantler and Sumbler.

No injuries in mid-day mishap

A Town of Pelham truck with a plow blade attached has run off the road on Cream Street, between Chantler Road and Sumbler Road.

A witness who does not wish to be identified has submitted photos that appear to show diesel fuel leaking from the truck. The witness asserts that the fuel has been flowing for “at least four hours,” putting the time of the accident no later than approximately 12 noon.

(The Voice has not independently verified the accuracy of the photos nor the accident scene.)

“The Town did not contact the Ministry of the Enviroment Spill Hotline,” says the witness, who went on to make “the first call” at approximately 3:00 PM.

“Black gunk” flowing from the vehicle.

Oil sheen.

“The fire department was not on site. There was a distinct fuel smell when walking down the road.  There was a Town of Pelham employee walking down the street and talking to someone on his phone.  He did note there was some sheen on the water.”

UPDATE 1, 6:45 PM

Responding on behalf of the Town, Clerk Nancy Bozzato states:

“A Town of Pelham plow veered off the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle. As a result of the rain, snow, and overall wet conditions that Pelham has experienced the last few days the integrity of the shoulder of the road was weakened, and when forced to accommodate the weight of a plow, was unable to do so.”

Bozzato says that neither the driver of the plow nor the vehicle driver were injured, and that while the Fire Chief was contacted there was no fire or injury to warrant an EMS response.

Regarding the spilled oil, Bozzato identifies it as hydraulic fluid, not diesel fuel, and that it was released in a “low volume.”  She asserts that the Town has been in communication with the Ministry of Environment and that a spill response company is working “to mitigate any adverse effects, and will continue communication with the MOE.”

“Clean-up will be carefully conducted in accordance with Ministry requirements and the Town will continue to remain involved throughout this process.”

Truck recovery from the ditch is ongoing.

[Update 1:  Town response added; headline corrected to reflect oil type]

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