Flash Puzzler: Strange de Gym

“If Canadian Trump supporters all moved to the U.S., it would dramatically raise the average IQ of both countries,” so says a new contributor we’ve dubbed “Strange de Gym.”

Strange is a regular at Fonthill Fitness, the club above Moku’s Restaurant in Fonthill (and source of the occasional tropical thunder heard below, as weights are dropped with vigour). Strange says he hears all sorts of great lines while sweating to classic rock.

Riddle us this… We have a $40 Keith’s Restaurant gift certificate that needs to be used by 2 PM Friday. Be the first to answer this mini-Puzzler question and win it:  Why have we chosen to name this Fonthill Fitness fellow “Strange de Gym”?

It’s not just because he’s working out in a gym. The most completely accurate answer by midnight tonight takes the prize. Entries to [email protected] only. (Hint: There’s an herb involved.) You have a little over 12 hours.  Good luck, Puzzlers!


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