Controversial Haist St. chicane damaged—again

A tractor trailer's rear axles jump the concrete on the chicane's western edge. BOB LOBLAW PHOTO


Early Wednesday morning a nearby resident alerted the Voice that the controversial traffic-calming measure installed last winter on Haist Street, north of Highway 20, had again been damaged.

The southbound yield sign was flattened, and remained out of commission at least through mid-morning. There was no sign that more than one vehicle was involved.

The chicane’s southbound yield sign is down for the count, Wednesday morning, June 14. BOB LOBLAW PHOTO

Asked for details on the accident, and when repairs would be made, the Town of Pelham’s Public Relations and Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald, replied that the Town had “no information on what may have occurred this morning,” adding that if police presence had been required the Town would have been notified.  MacDonald expected the yield sign to be back up by day’s end. “Sign replacement work is something the Public Works department deals with on a near-daily basis on both rural and residential roads.”

Some nearby residents assert that the chicane has done little to calm traffic, and that the dual yield signs on each side of the barrier can confuse drivers. In the short period that he was on scene this morning, our photographer noted that traffic barely slowed when passing through the chicane. A large, extra-long tractor trailer steamed through at full speed, if not faster than the posted limit of 50/kph, its rear axles jumping the concrete after a substantial impact.


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