Pelham Town Hall: Another staff departure


Town of Pelham Public Relations and Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald, confirms that Fixed Asset Accountant Nick Alaimo is leaving.

Alaimo has accepted the position of Deputy Treasurer for Niagara on the Lake, according to MacDonald, who was not able to say when Alaimo’s last day of work for Pelham occurred or will occur.

“Nick’s new position will allow him to grow and advance his career with a new scope of roles, responsibilities, and oversight,” said MacDonald, adding that an internal memo wished Alaimo well. According to what appears, but has not been confirmed to be his LinkedIn profile page, Alaimo graduated from Brock University in 2010 with a degree in accounting, and worked at Niagara Region before coming to Pelham. Alaimo has not responded to a request for comment.

This is the third Town Hall departure since mid May, when Pelham fired Treasurer Cari Pupo. A senior planner, Julie Hannah, quit in mid June. Pelham is currently facing scrutiny by Regional Council’s Audit Committee relating to financial transactions and land transfers in East Fonthill, with the Committee set to hear more on these issues in mid September.

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