Alleged Pelham fentanyl dealer arrested


Since August, Niagara Regional Police say that members of the Opioid Unit and the Guns, Gangs, and Grows Unit have been investigating a Pelham man for trafficking in fentanyl patches. Throughout the investigation, police observed the male conduct suspected drug transactions in parking lots, and from his business, located on Pelham Street, Pelham.

Today, the police obtained search warrants to enter and search the male’s business and home. At approximately 4:15 PM, the male exited the rear of his business, where he was immediately arrested. Police searched the male’s home and business and say they found a quantity of fentanyl patches and cocaine, which were seized as evidence.

Charged with two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking, and one count of Possession of Proceeds of Crime, is Joseph Pawlik, 27. Pawlik will attend a bail hearing in the St. Catharines court house tomorrow.

In total, police report seizing $2,700 in cocaine, $3,200 in fentanyl patches, and $3,460 in cash.

Police say that more charges as a result of this investigation are likely.

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