E.L. Crossley to host Town of Pelham’s KPMG presentation

Communication to be one-way only—no public questions permitted

In a Thursday morning news release, the Town of Pelham announced that it has scheduled a special meeting of Town Council to receive the accounting firm KPMG’s findings, to be held next Wednesday evening starting at 6:30, in the cafeteria at E.L. Crossley Secondary School.

The news release states that the presentation will include the costs to undertake the audit, “all transactions and documents related to the 3.3 acre Parkland Over-Dedication to the Town by Fonthill Gardens and a 2015 Excess Parkland Dedication Agreement between the Town and Fonthill Gardens.”

The release also says that KPMG has “been asked,” presumably by Town Council, “to present all of its financial findings and conclusions, including pertinent updates from a Sept. 5 privileged report.”

“Privileged report” is how the Town has recently characterized the results of a summer audit of the Town’s finances, undertaken without Council’s knowledge, and reported to Council behind closed doors on September 5, according to former Councillor Marv Junkin, who resigned earlier this month in protest over Council’s attempt, in his view, to conceal the audit’s findings.

The Town’s Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, Marc MacDonald, says that the public will not be permitted to ask questions at the meeting.


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