New Business Focus: Trainer Oggie Radulovich gets active

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Fitness and strength coach Oggie Radulovich is now offering fitness training in Fonthill, working at his FITNESS-911 studio with all ages, fitness levels, and sport-specific athletes.

“I’ve always been drawn to help guide individuals to improve their health and fitness,” says Radulovich, who has been a trainer for about a decade. “I would read additional textbooks front to back on overall health, fitness, and the science of performance just for fun.”

He offers specialized classes in weight management, strength and conditioning, general improved fitness and lifestyle, injury rehab, body building, and sport specific training for golf, hockey, basketball, soccer, and others.

Radulovich has based his training service in Fonthill for the past two years, before which he worked out of Beamsville.

“I lost quite a few clients when I moved, but a lot of new people have come since,” he says.

Before working in Beamsville, Radulovich trained sprinters and wrestlers at Brock University.

“I wrestled for Brock prior to that,” he says, adding that he also played soccer and rugby when younger.

To Radulovich, it’s always possible to improve health or performance regardless age or level, as long as a detailed, research-based program is followed.

“There must be a specific reason for what you are doing in the gym. In many cases, certain exercises can actually hinder your performance without you even knowing it,” he says.

He believes that advanced training programs are not merely for professional athletes, saying that, “if you are a recreational golfer, you still deserve the best program to ensure you can improve your game.”

Anyone can benefit from improving their power, strength, and agility, says Radulovich, adding that it isn’t difficult to do once a personalized program has been developed.

“Training smart is key to preventing injury and taking your fitness to the next level whether it’s weight loss or to improve your stats as a cyclist or hockey player,” he says.

Radulovich says that he’s a proponent of living an active lifestyle, something that can be done even outside of the gym.

“I’m big into dogs, so playing with them and hiking a lot is great exercise,” he says.

Radulovich’s love for health and athletics led him to complete a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education followed by a Master of Science degree. He recently acquired a certificate from the Ontario Brain Injury Association, and hopes to provide training programs to individuals with brain injuries, including mild concussions.

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