Regional Council votes to support call for provincial exam of Pelham finances


After some three hours of often emotionally charged debate Thursday night, Niagara Regional Council voted to support a request for the Province of Ontario to examine the Town of Pelham’s finances.

The 15-12 vote to support a motion tabled by Pelham Regional Councillor Brian Baty came after extensive comments from delegations, including former Pelham Town Councillor Marvin Junkin, and members of the advocacy group Pelham DEBT. Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn reiterated what he characterized as an ongoing invitation to the DEBT group to meet and answer their questions, an assertion that drew jeers from the overflowing gallery of Pelham residents in attendance, and a rebuke of their reaction from Chair Alan Caslin.

The Voice will carry a full report of Council’s decision in our next edition.


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