POLL RESULTS: “Keep home-hotels out of residential areas”



Last week we asked for reader opinion about whether and where so-called home-hotels, such as Bed & Breakfasts and Airbnbs, should be permitted to operate in Pelham.

In answer to Question 1—Do you favour allowing any property owner, anywhere in town the freedom to rent rooms to transient visitors, or do you favour limiting such rentals to locations already zoned for business and commercial use?—one third of respondents said that such businesses should be allowed anywhere in town, while two thirds said that they should be limited to business or commercial zones.

Some Airbnbs and home-hotels are not owner-occupied, but rather run by purely commercial entities. In answer to Question 2—Should non-owner-occupied dwellings be permitted to operate as Airbnb-style hotels in Pelham?—one quarter of respondents said yes, while three quarters of respondents said no.

By the poll’s close on Monday morning, 258 total votes were registered for each question.

Although safeguards are in place to eliminate multiple votes, this is a self-selected poll, meaning it has no scientific validity compared to formal random surveys undertaken by established polling firms.


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