BREAKING: Pelham SIU incident




Through a news release on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 29, the Niagara Regional Police say that following an unstated incident in Pelham, an officer has been “transported by paramedics.” The Special Investigations Unit,” or SIU, is a civilian-directed agency that investigates incidents in which police officers are alleged to have harmed or threatened to harm the public.

The statement reads in its entirety:

Information – Pelham SIU Incident

We can confirm that there has been an incident in Pelham involving members of the NRPS. 
An officer has been transported by paramedics from the scene with injuries. 
The SIU has been contacted and has invoked their investigative mandate. As the SIU is involved we are prohibited from providing further information at this time.
UPDATE 1: A previously reliable source informs the Voice that when attending a call late Thursday morning at a residence near the corner of Effingham and Roland Roads, in North Pelham, an officer was shot and critically injured, and has been airlifted to Hamilton for treatment.

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