Mayoral candidates debate October 8

Election Edition: Candidates final word

Every candidate was asked why residents should vote for them in the upcoming election. Below are the results. Mayoral candidates: “The people of Pelham want to be heard. They are tired of the lip service…

Regional candidates debate today

The Residents Council at the Community of Lookout Ridge have invited the three Regional Councillor candidates to join them on Oct. 17. Anthony Annunziata, Brian Baty, and Jim Inman will be having a meet and…

Mayoral candidates debate October 8

YMCA seeks partnership with the Town of Pelham

Members of YMCA Niagara were at Town Council Tuesday night to discuss the potential partnership regarding the building of a multi-faceted community centre. Niagara Volunteer Board Chair Leanne Standryk and CEO Janet St. Amand gave…