Town to temporarily transform Fenwick’s main street into lawn


During their June 5 meeting, Pelham Town Council announced that it will be teaming up with Young Sod Farms to encourage local children to put down their handheld electronic devices and Come Alive Outside. As part of the Green Street Challenge, the Town is planning to close a section of Canboro Road in downtown Fenwick on Aug. 19 and cover the pavement in sod.

Pelham’s Director of Recreation, Culture and Wellness, Vickie van Ravenswaay, expressed her excitement about the initiative, stating “It’s a new event with new corporate sponsors and it’s exciting to see different people and businesses come forward with such a unique event.”

Barb Christopher of Young Sod Farms has agreed to donate the sod for the Green Street Challenge. After Dekorte Landscaping lays the sod, Pelham firefighters will be tasked with keeping it from drying out for the duration of the day. While the event will take place from 9 AM to 5 PM, Fenwick’s main street will remain closed from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Councillor Marvin Junkin said he was skeptical about the program at first, pointing out that Centennial Park was just around the corner.

Looking at the idea from another angle he said if the citizens and the business community were behind the event, and if the street would be left in good condition afterwards, he could see no harm in it.

Councillor Gary Accursi said he could see the value of the program as a “greening” initiative and in terms of engaging the community and promoting local business. He sees the new event as a celebration of the community.

“This will draw attention to outdoor play in a very unique and inventive way,” he said.

“I think this is an event we need to get behind. I’d like to see this become an annual event. I can’t think of a better place to have it than Fenwick because it’s an ideal spot. It celebrates the business community in the downtown core as well as in the rural areas.”

To give back to the community in another way, van Ravenswaay said that once the event is over the sod will be donated by Young Sod Farms to local charities that can make use of it.

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