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Our childhood defines our personality. It shapes who we become. When Vilma Moretti had grandchildren, she realized that her childhood and theirs were worlds apart. They had absolutely no idea what life was like for Vilma when she was their age. Theirs was a world of computers, iPods, cellphones, texting, Instagram, and YouTube. Vilma thought that when they were grown they might be interested to know what it was like for other generations to grow up. She started collecting recollections—her own, and those of some of the many people she met every day while running Keith’s Restaurant, her family’s business at the intersection of Pelham Street and Highway 20, in Fonthill. The result was, “A Little Book About Us,” published in 2009, from which this series is excerpted. Keith’s is gone, but the stories remain.



Born 1998

Hi, my name is Sarah. I was born on March 10, 1998. I am 10 years old and I am in Grade 4. I live in Welland and I go to Gordon School. I am in a Grade 4/5 split. There are 30 kids in my class.

My mom gets me up in the morning before she goes to work. I go downstairs to the living room and watch TV and eat breakfast. For breakfast I have a Pop Tart, cereal, or oatmeal. Then I get dressed and pack my lunch. On Fridays we have pizza or hot dog day, so I only have to bring a snack and a drink.

Detail from Chat au Clair de Lune, c. 1900, by Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen. VOICE PHOTO ILLUSTRATION

At 8:30 I go to my best friend Emma’s house and we walk to school together, or if the weather is bad my dad gives us a ride.

When we get to school we play outside until the bell rings. Then we line up in our classes and go inside the school. I have one teacher for most of my subjects. We go to the library for computers. We go to the gym for DPA which stands for Daily Physical Activities. It is usually just dancing but it really makes you tired. For French we go to the portable which is outside. We have to walk outside even if it is raining or snowing or a blizzard. In our school, Grade 4 is the first year we take French. We just finished our play, which was Le chat et la lune, which means the cat and the moon. I was la cheval, which is the horse. At school I am in the choir, on the skip team, and on the cross-country team.

When school is over I walk home with Emma. When we get home I do my homework, if I have any. I have to empty my lunch bag, so it will get washed. If it is nice out, Emma and I play outside. In the winter we play out in the snow. In the summer we ride bikes, play soccer or basketball.

On Saturdays, I do my homework, clean my room, go to a friend’s house or play outside. On Sundays, we go to church.

I am on the worship team for kid’s church. Mom and I have to get there early for practice. We do cool stuff at church, like we just had our princess tea party. Grandma, Mom and I went. We all got dressed up like princesses and had tea and lots of cookies and sweets. It was lots of fun. At Christmas time our church puts on a big Christmas play.

Mom, Dad, my brother and I have been in the play for the last three years. It is a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work. I hope they have it again next Christmas.

The chores I have to do are clean my room, make my bed, put my clothes away, unload the dishwasher, clean the cat litter—YUCK! (I also have to clean the living room and kitchen if my mom is at work.

Some of the things I like are my Webkins, which are stuffed animals that you play with on the internet. I have 14 of them. Hannah Montana, who is a singer. She has a TV show, books, CDs, and lots of other stuff. In the summer, I play on a soccer team. My favorite position is defense. I like to play basketball with my friends and I like to play video games with my brother Ryan.

I hope Grade 5 is as good as Grade 4.

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